Christmas Bin Collections

Collection Days over Christmas 2018

Residents whose collection day change is before their normal collection day will be sent a flyer highlighting that their collection day is being brought forward. Those whose collection day change falls after their normal collection day will be able to find out this information online and in the Broadland News.

Normal Collection Day Temporary Collection Day
Monday 24th December Saturday 22nd December (2 days early)
Tuesday 25th December Monday 24th December (1 day early)
Wednesday 26th December Thursday 27th December (1 day later)
Thursday 27th December Friday 28th December (1 day later)
Friday 28th December Saturday 29th December (1 day later)
Monday 31st December *As Normal*
Tuesday 1st January Wednesday 2nd January (1 day later)
Wednesday 2nd January Thursday 3rd January (1 day later)
Thursday 3rd January Friday 4th January (1 day later)
Friday 4th January Saturday 5th January (1 day later)


There will be no brown bin collections over this two week period.

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