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Railway Level Crossing Works

Subject: Norwich, Yarmouth & Lowestoft Re-signalling Railway Works – Lingwood Station and Chapel Road

Importance: High

Dear Stakeholder,

I am writing to advise that Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd plans to undertake significant engineering works on the Norwich-Yarmouth-Lowestoft lines between October 2017 and March 2019.

We will replace mechanical Victorian signalling with modern technology incorporating colour light LED signals, power operated points and a remote computer based signalling control system replacing levers and physical operation.

These works also include rationalised and remodelled track layouts at several locations. Crossing keeper operated level crossing gates will be replaced with a modern barrier type remotely controlled by the Signaller using CCTV at:  

        Lingwood Station Road·         Lingwood Chapel Road

And at the following crossings:

Brundall, Cantley , Strumpshaw, Oulton Broad North, Victoria Road (Victoria Road is already a MCB-CCTV where there will be some amendments to the assets on the ground in addition to the re-control)

The works are required to improve safety and replace life expired equipment and form part of the Norwich Yarmouth Lowestoft Re-Signalling project, exact commissioning dates for each crossing are being developed however, the proposed commissioning date for all works is 31st March 2019.

For your information the first stages of work will begin in October 2017 at  Lingwood Station Road. I have attached a notification and scheme leaflet sent to residents advising of these works including our catchment area. These areas have been identified as likely to be impacted by the above works.

Please note that the same information will be sent to residents at Chapel road once the programme becomes available for 2018.

If you consider that a site visit to the crossings to discuss the proposed works would be of assistance before replying, please let me know and I will make the necessary arrangements.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Mary Afonja

Stakeholder Interface Manager – Anglia / East Kent Resignalling Phase 2 (EKR2)

IP Signalling Southern Network Rail Office 9th floor, One Stratford Place, Montfichet Road, London. E20 1EJ ( 07710 960 170

[email protected]


:NYL Brochure Oct 2017 FINAL

: Pre-notification Letter September 2017 Lingwood FINAL

: Lingwood station

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