Agendas for 2020


Agenda 1st December 2020


Agenda 3rd November 2020
Agenda 27th October 2020
Agenda 6th October 2020
Agenda 8th September 2020
Agenda 7th July 2020
Agenda 2nd June 2020
Agenda 12th May 2020

Planning Meeting

Agenda 28th April 2020
Agenda 31st March 2020

31st March Public Meeting is cancelled.

We need to respond to the following Planning applications, please let me know by 26th March if you have any comments or objections to the Applications.  [email protected]

a) 20200422: Proposed log cabin (re-siting of cabin to previously approved application number 20161951).  Church Farm Barns, Lingwood Road, Lingwood, NR13 4FD.

b) 20200483: Proposed Car-Port. Church Farm House, Church Road, South Burlingham, NR13 4EU.


Agenda 3rd March 2020
Agenda 4th February 2020
Agenda 7th January 2020