Update: Buckenham Ancient Woodland Trust Needs Your Help

Hello again supporters of Buckenham Ancient Woodland,

This is the first group email that you will have received from our new email account. Please use the following address in the future to get in touch with our team: [email protected].

Since we were last in touch with you we have made great progress in getting the structure of the charity in place, applying for grants and developing a website which is now live:


We have also a crowd funding page:

Just Giving page for Buckenham Ancient Woodland Trust


We also now need your help……….

Buckenham Ancient Woodland Trust, the charity formed to purchase, protect, and manage the central section of Buckenham woods, needs volunteers and members and ideally you would become both!


Our immediate priority is purchasing the Woodland and to help us do that we’re particularly looking for:

  • A Fundraising Co-ordinator as well as individual fundraisers
  • Anyone with investment auditing or insurance expertise
  • Anyone with Marketing, Comms and Website management experience
  • Anyone with legal knowledge

Once we’ve bought the woodland we’ll also be looking for volunteers for woodland management work.

But all skills and experience are very welcome!

About Volunteering

The work of the charity is only possible through the help of volunteers. Our work is inclusive and we welcome anyone who is keen to get involved – there’s always plenty to be done and you could help in lots of different ways!

You can give as little or as much time as you have. Our work is organised into groups:

  • Fundraising and Finance – fundraising and fundraising co-ordination, financial experience such as accounting, auditing, insurance and potentially investing for sustainable income generation.
  • Marketing and Communications – responsible for outreach, raising awareness and engaging stakeholders, potential partners and wider public in supporting the Trust’s work. This group will look after the website, events and our newsletter. A small unit is responsible for IT and systems development.
  • Woodland Planning and Management – responsible for developing a strategy for the entire woodland in collaboration with the two other landowners; planning and implementing the management of the Trust’s portion of the woodland in consultation with users. Practical hands on management of the woods begins here . . .
  • Biodiversity Survey and Monitoring  – responsible for collating a database of all plants and animals recorded in the woodland from a wide range of sources, alongside surveys and monitoring over time.
  • Governance – oversees the development of policies, structures and processes that allow the Trust to function effectively in line with our constitution. This includes administrative support to Trustees and Members, and coordination across the Working Groups.

If you feel inspired to support our work CLICK HERE TO ACCESS JOINING FORM and let us know which group(s) you’re interested in joining, as well as the skills & time you are able to contribute. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which group would fit you best – just get in touch and we’ll find the right group for you.

About becoming a member

Membership is totally free and if you’d like to have a say in how the woods are used and managed then this is a really great way to help.

What does a Member Do?

It’s an eyes on, hands off role. Our charity has Trustees which meet regularly and oversee the direction and management of the charity, and then we need Members who we would keep updated throughout the year and would ask to attend the Annual General Meeting in late Spring.

We must have members to be an active charity as per our constitution, which you can see here.

The main role of members is to hold the trustees to account and oversee their work. Members can look at the accounts, ask trustees questions, and raise both suggestions and any concerns about the work of the charity. Members also have influence such as:

  • Voting to appoint the Trustees at the Annual General Meeting
  • Voting on resolutions at AGMs, and at other times if required
  • Voting on any changes proposed to the charity’s constitution

Who can be a member? Absolutely anyone who supports the aims of the charity, which is to acquire, conserve and utilise the central part of the woods as a peaceful place for people to go and enjoy nature.

To become a member simply CLICK HERE TO ACCESS JOINING FORM and one of the team will be in touch.


If you would like to contribute towards the purchase and the maintenance of the wood please donate via our JustGiving page.

All contributions to support the charitable trust in its objectives are greatly appreciated – every penny counts … thank you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm wishes,

Buckenham Ancient Woodland Trust Team


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